Milnesbridge Flats

Project Description

Milnesbridge is on the outskirts of Huddersfield and all around are constant reminders of the Woollen Mill era. This project was a disused woollen mill situated by the side of the narrow boat canal and like the majority of the buildings in this area was Grade 2 Listed; therefore working closely with the local authorities to conserve this heritage was of paramount importance. The building itself was Victorian, solid walled and stone built, both inside and out.
A key issue with this type of building is that it required extensive work to form new damp proofing walls. This was successfully introduced by forming an inside perimeter wall in concrete blocks forming a cavity. Using this method ensured that the external facade remained unscarred. The interior was developed into living accommodation, and finished to a high standard, once again showing the quality that we expect in our developments. The complexities of a project of this type illustrates the willingness of KFB's management to be fully involved in the production and to give the client the standards required at the right price.

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Residential Renovation

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