Pindar Print

Project Description

KFB (Scarborough) Ltd has always had a long and close relationship with Pindar Printing. Over the past few years we have been involved in various contracts involving working on, Ventress House and Pindar House. It is imperative that a trust worthy team can be used on premises like these.
For example, Ventress House has undergone major changes over the last few years of which we were very proud to have been involved. The front offices have been upgraded to both ground and first floor areas including new welfare facilities. A new two storey building was erected to the rear of Ventress House to house new state of the art machinery, the project also included access to and from the storage halls for both machines and pedestrians. To the side of Ventress House a new docking area was constructed for the loading and unloading of vehicles, and also a large turning area to accommodate the largest of transport. All of these projects were undertaken with confidentiality and safety in mind.


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William Hare

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